Why should I hire you as my real estate photographer?
Glass: I use the widest rectilinear lens in the world!  Images taken at 11mm mean small rooms get bigger, while big rooms become huge, capturing the feel of a property that isn't possible to achieve otherwise. I also understand that just because I can use 11mm, it doesn't mean I must use it, darn it.  I'm a big boy, and know when it isn't appropriate to use all of a wide angle lens.
HDR: I also shoot everything in HDR (high dynamic range) which means taking a series of images at different exposures to produce a final image that includes the highlight and shadow details.  Home buyers view true to life images depicting the property in a realistic, and pleasing manner.
Time: I can be in a home for no more two hours (usually 90 minutes), and I turn my images back to you almost without fail in 24 hours.  

Why use a professional real estate photographer when I can save money by doing it myself? 
This is a valid question, and the answer I give is this; between Mountain Home and Caldwell there are some 3000 real estate agents.  A motivated agent needs to compete in a crowded market.  Telling a potential client that you'll have your photographer come into their home for a few hours one day, and be able to go live with the listing the following day, with incredible images, gives you a leg up.  Professional real estate photography is another tool that demonstrates you are there for your client, and that you're marketing plan gives them the best opportunity to sell their home for the most money, in a short period of time. 

It Starts Online: 92% of people use the internet in their purchase of a home.  With a number that high, you would do well to have an advantage over other agents. The images I capture for you are dramatic, and accurate, and pop off a crowded screen among other listings.  This means your phone should ring more often, your email box will fill faster, and with the right combination of qualified home buyers, you'll sell homes faster, and for more money. 

Selling for More Than Listing Price: Many of my clients are selling their homes for more than the list price.

Can you provide me a list of references? 
I would be pleased to share the contact information from my regular clients.

What deliverables do you include for real estate photography?  I deliver HDR digital images at 1280x960 at 72ppi, and I will gladly supply print resolution images at your request.   I provide you with all the images I create of property, both interior and exterior.  A typical 2,000 square foot home will generally net between 25-40 images for you to choose for your listing; the number does vary depending on factors such as the layout of the home, furnished or unfurnished, and the landscaping.  All image titles are written so web browsers can index them, making home searches more efficient. 

How do I book your services?
I use an online booking service, so you'll know right away when I'm available, and you'll get email notifications confirming your session.  You can click this
link to book today!

9246398833_f88b2c62d9_o What should I wear for my photos?
Ah, the age-old question of what to wear. Essentially clients can wear anything they want, but it is highly recommended that clients wear clothing consisting of solid colors, and families should wear clothing that more or less go together. The idea is to avoid a color cornucopia that distracts from the subject such as plaids, or lots of bold lines.

Do I get to see all the images from my session?
I will periodically show clients the images I've taken so far and together we can start marking images that we like.  After taking photos I put them on the computer and continue the culling process until I've found all the great shots.  I will then fully edit one image representative of the final images then send all the images that include only basic exposure and global image adjustments.  You simply pick the images you like and I'll do the rest.

How long will it take to get my images once the session is complete?
It is my hope that I will have edited, final images to you inside of three weeks.  Once you give final approval and place your order it is out of my hands, but a typical delivery of prints and products is six weeks from date we take photos.  

What does it cost to hire your services?
Click the "Services" tab on my website for full details of packages and pricing.

I really love my printed photos and I'd like to order more, can I do that?
You bet you can! Individual images can be re-ordered any time up to one year from your session. Simply log into the client section and order as you please.  After one years time images will be removed from the website, but are kept indefinitely, and can be re-printed for an additional archive fee.

I need some commercial work done, how much will that cost?
Between real estate, food, and other corporate events, there is just too much variance, and each need is unique. Give me a call, I'd love to work something out!